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How it works:
After you place an order, the apparel is ordered from the manufacturers and your logo sent to an award winning industry veteran to be digitized. Within a couple of days we receive the digitized logo file which is then sewn out on a fabric swatch and presented for your approval. Only after your design approval can the production begin.

One-time Embroidery Digitizing Setup Fee: $30-$50.00
(FREE Digitizing for orders of 144 units or more!)
Your price is determined by the stitch count and design complexity - up to 12,000 stitches. We save the logo for your reuse indefinitely, the actual embroidery disk remains the property of AdverTees Imprinted Sportswear.

If your proactive or not quite sure how your company logo will transfer to embroidery, we can create the digitized logo file and sew out a fabric swatch prior to your embroidered apparel order. Send logo to:

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Images of Business Logos we embroidered

Logo Size Guidelines:
The average logo size is 2" x 3 1/2"
Maximum width is 4.5" for a generic left chest logo
Baseball caps: 2" High maximum x 4" wide
* Most logos are under 8,000 stitches, for those that exceed 8,000 stitches the cost is an additional $0.45/1,000 stitches

For a quality embroidery use these minimum lettering sizes as a guide for your logo
Woven shirts or bags- Minimum letter size 3/16" high (.187")
Knit shirts - Minimum letter size 1/4" high (.25")
Fuzzy fleece or other puffy material- Minimum letter size 3/8" high (.375")

Sending Art for Embroidery:
Digital art - The following file extensions are all welcome GIF, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PDF, AI, EPS and PSD. Illustrator, EPS, and Photoshop files are preferred. We can also scan your logo from business cards or letterheads.

spools of thread spoolsSend logo to:

Color Matching:
Due to monitor variances, please provide a color print and or Pantone (PMS) solid color codes for color matching accuracy. Or choose from our stock thread colors. Click here for our stock thread color chart

Stock Embroidery Designs:

If you don't have a logo, we can set text along with a stock embroidery design. Thousands of stock logos are available from Dakota Collectibles which can be used alone or in conjunction with keyboard lettering. When you find a design that suits your needs note the design number and we can help with the rest.

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